title={Precedence and the Lack Thereof: Precedence-Relation-Oriented Phonology},

author={Papillon, Maxime},


school={University of Maryland},

note={\url{https://drum.lib.umd.edu/handle/1903/26391}, \url{https://doi.org/10.13016/wcal-jq9q}}



p.9-13: subsection numbers should be 2.3.1 to 2.3.3

p.12 should read: "In the formation of t-um-awag in (18)"

p.22-23 ex.10, the graph describes the form a-wie-i.

p.25 should read "H-LH kéfǎ"

p.35 should read: "Kanembu in which the completive is -ATR and the incompletive is +ATR."

p.106 should read "the [ɪm]~[ɪn]~[ɪŋ]~[ɪɹ]~[ɪl] negation prefix

p.231 ex.74, the /+hi/ node should precede the first /p/, rather than the second.